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About me

Founded in 2019, my firm leverages 20 years of business experience to operate in all areas of business taxation, regardless of the size of your company.

Close to and attentive to your needs, I propose a tailor-made offer to audit, secure, harmonize and optimize taxation within the global value chain, while taking into account related issues, whether they are accounting, legal, IT or social.

I build practical and concrete solutions for operational teams, in order to remove constraints often associated with taxation. I promote tax function digital transformation and expertly leverage the OptimIS, Datafinances, Optitaxes software packages ...

I can support your business in the following ways:

  • in a preventive framework : contractual analysis, tax audit, tax guidelines drafting, training ... staying up to date with constantly changing tax legislation and case-law;

  • in a corrective context: assistance in case of tax audits, litigation, rectified tax returns...

For every mission entrusted to me, I guarantee confidentiality, responsiveness and proximity, while constantly keeping your budget in mind.

I welcome you to CP Taxeterra's office in Paris (85 bis avenue de Wagram), or come and see you at your convenience.

I invite you to contact me at + 33 (0) 6 40 33 53 34 for any appointment.

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