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My fees are defined in full transparency, after a first analysis of your case: they will depend on the estimated duration assignment and its complexity. A written tax services agreement will be signed between CP Taxeterra Sarl and the client entity, specifying the fee calculation method.

During the first meeting / call, and after a preliminary study of your case, I will propose an estimate that suits the assignment and your budget, according to one of the three methods described below:

1. Time-spent basis fees

The client pays the lawyer by the hour, so the time spent by the lawyer on the case. I will then establish estimate hours of work necessary for the processing of your case. The hourly rate will take into account in particular the difficulties and the challenges of the case.

2. Package / fixed fees

Global and fixed compensation is paid for the entire assignment entrusted to me. The content and duration of the assignment will be clearly specified in the tax services agreement.

3. Success fees

Depending on the outcome of a case, additional compensation may be incurred. The success fee will be calculated on the client's tax savings, following the procedure. The definition of the tax savings will be clearly specified in the tax services agreement. This fee based on the result is an additional compensation for the formulas linked to the time-spent basis or fixed fees.

Which ever formula is chosen, I will provide you with high quality services, while being very responsive and taking into account both the case's operational constraints and the control of your budgets.

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